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Sulukūre Live juice therapy
  Juice therapy programmes are developed taking into account the most delicate level of the body – the health of body cells. The Juice therapy offers new quality of life in five days.

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Bioloģisks ēdiens Biological food
  We encourage valuable, energetically rich and “live” food, as well as raw food. This food retains all the vitamins, mineral substances, enzymes, micro and macro elements.
Kosmētikas produkti Cosmetic product line
  Every face will lighten up using natural cosmetics.

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Aicinām Tevi uz vasaras kūri Dēseles Dzirnavās!

Tuvāk dabai un lauku SPA atmosfērai. Būs mūsu brīnišķīgās masāžas, relaksējošās vingrošanas nodarbības, aizraujošas vakara sarunas ar izciliem savas jomas speciālistiem

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I would bring down the Sun for You.
Would You then feel the warm touch of the Sun...

I could give You wings.
Would you then know how to fly?
Tell me, if then, when I let Your beauty shine – You would be willing to blossom?

I would like You to
But I know, that...
The decision belongs to You.

This is Your life...
Your story...
... than holds something wild..., something deeply primeval... , something from the nature..., something from the Divine..., something from the childhood... and from the dreams..., from Bliss and deep inner freedom...

For your every day....I wish you to feel the beauty, that clear, blue sky carries within… and to hear the rusting of the falling leaves, for You to understand, that seasons do change…

I open You my soul, creat

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Elizabete Bruksle

After hard work there must be proper rest. Who of us does not know what overwork means, permanent lack of sleep, exhaustion and lack of motivation and who of us hasn’t talked to ourselves to ask for a moment of rest? At first I did not ...


Evija van der Bēka

Sulu kūre nav par pārtikšanu no sulām, tievēšanu un dažādām procedūrām, kā dažiem varētu likties. Tā ir vieta, no kuras mēs, darba dzīves un ikdienas problēmu pagurdinātās, atgriežamies laimīgas, rūpes un mī...


Gunta Strade

Thanks again: 1) for the positive attitude 2) for the chance to listen to the great specialists of their fields 3) for the chance to feel the hands of professional massage specialists and 4) for the chance to exercise in the leadership ...

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